The Saint Ann Tabernacle Society offers a diakonia of service to the parish family. The care of the sacred arena is its principle focus to assure the dignified and beautiful celebration of the central mystery of our faith, the Divine Liturgy, as well as other liturgical services. Additionally, as the umbrella organization for all parishioners – young and old – men and women – willing to offer their service to our community, the Tabernacle Society directs the varied activities and functions that support parish life: the annual bazaar, the annual Hafli, concerts, speakers’ series, social events, coffee hour supplies, church decoration and ornamentation, special liturgical celebrations, gardening, property maintenance, kitchen supply and more.

The following tasks are attended to on a weekly, monthly, or other basis:
Following each liturgical celebration
  • Extinguish all hanging lamps and candles
  • Replace, as needed, lights in all hanging lamps throughout the church and in the seven-branch lampstand in the Holy Place
  • Replace liturgy books in slots
  • Disposal of leftover bulletins and handouts 
  • Assure an adequate supply of tapers in the Narthex
  • Assure and adequate supply of hand sanitizer, bathroom tissue, and disposable hand towels in the restrooms.
  • Minimal light cleaning. This may include in the bathrooms, around the candle stands where sand may be present on the floor, disposal of candle stems, and replenishing sand as needed
  • Occasionally vacuum/clean carpets and entrance mats 
  • Selection, set-up, and maintenance of floral arrangements and potted indoor plants, including watering for the duration of their presence, disposing of them when they have expired, and cleaning the used vases.  (This is especially noteworthy at Christmas and Easter when many potted plants require regular attention and watering)
  • Set-up / clean-up for the Sunday Coffee Hour, including advance purchase of food.
  • Washing the yellow cleaning cloths used by the cleaning service and assuring an adequate supply of clean cloths are always in place.  
Monthly and Seasonal
  • Washing, ironing, and storage of the red napkins used during Divine Liturgy
  • Changing the various cloths, drapes, Altar linens, and lamp glass throughout the Church in accordance with liturgical seasons.
  • Cleaning/polishing liturgical items, including dry cleaning of covers, veils, vessels and the like.
  • Decorating the Church interior and exterior for Christmas, Easter, Feast Day of Saint Ann, and special occasions, such as the Christmas Concert.
  • Assuring an adequate supply of Holy Bread (Qurban) for Divine Liturgy.
  • Replacing light bulbs as needed.
  • Ongoing outdoor gardening projects, including regular weeding, trimming and pruning.
  • Occasional parish “Work Days” to accomplish significant projects requiring teamwork.
Imge of golden angels with wings covering their faces, signifying the Tabernacle.
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