As their hearts moved them and their spirit prompted. Exodus 35:21

In Exodus 35 Moses called upon the whole Israelite community to contribute to the sacred project of establishing the Tent of Meeting with the Tabernacle, its furnishings, veils, and priestly vestments, as the prompting of the heart dictated.

The contributions were not limited to material things but included the offering of personal service. For example, we read that “the women, as their hearts and skills moved them, spun goat hair.” Yarn, linen, and dyed fabric were the work of hands toiling in service, not products purchased and donated.

We who worship in the New Tabernacle of the Lord are heirs to the spirit that animated those responding to the call of Moses.

In that same spirit, men and women of Saint Ann have responded for over a century to the call. The Ladies Guild and Men’s Society preserved a long legacy of service and support for the mission of evangelization and the many needs of our parish community. Now that function is carried out by an entity that incorporates both groups in addition to others who hear the call to service and seek to further the mission of Saint Ann parish.

The Saint Ann Tabernacle Society is an umbrella organization for all parishioners – young and old – men and women – willing to offer their service to our community in the varied activities and functions that go into the maintenance of parish life: the annual bazaar, the annual Hafli, concerts, speakers’ series, social events, coffee hours church decoration and ornamentation, special liturgical celebrations, gardening, property maintenance, kitchen supply and more. The material care of the entire church property, including the sacred arena, is also a focus of its mission,

​Find more information about the mission and activities of our Tabernacle Society here.

When the whole Israelite community left Moses’ presence, all, as their hearts moved them and their spirit prompted, brought a contribution to the LORD for the work of the tent of meeting, for all its services, and for the sacred vestments. … All the women, as their hearts and skills moved them, spun goat hair. … Every Israelite man and woman brought to the LORD such voluntary offerings as they thought best, for the various kinds of work which the LORD, through Moses, had commanded to be done.

Photo of golden angel wings rched over flames, signifying the ancient Israelite Tabernacle
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