Father Tom will offer the Divine Liturgy today, February 6, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. On this Saturday of the Dead, parishioners and friends have the opportunity to pray for the souls of their departed family and friends.

Weather permitting, Fr. Tom will also offer a Memorial Service for the deceased parishioners of St. Ann at the St. Peter Cemetery immediately after the Divine Liturgy.

A short history of the services for the Saturday of Souls is here.

“Weep for those who die in their wealth and who with all their wealth prepared no consolation for their own souls, who had the power to wash away their sins and did not will to do it. Let us weep for them, let us assist them to the extant of our ability, let us think of some assistance for them, small as it may be, yet let us somehow assist them. But how, and in what way? By praying for them and by entreating others to pray for them, by constantly giving alms to the poor on their behalf. Not in vain was it decreed by the apostles that in the awesome mysteries remembrance should be made of the departed. They knew that here there was much gain for them, much benefit. When the entire people stands with hands uplifted, a priestly assembly, and that awesome sacrificial Victim is laid out, how, when we are calling upon God, should we not succeed in their defense? But this is done for those who have departed in the faith, while even the catechumens are not reckoned as worthy of this consolation, but are deprived of every means of assistance except one. And what is that? We may give alms to the poor on their behalf.”

St. John Chrysostom, “Homilies on Philippians”, c 402 A.D.

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