Fr. Tom was invited to discuss important issues of bioethics and theology on an internet television show today titled “I Thought You’d like to Know: Vaccines in the Age of COVID-19

He was joined by noted theologian and medical doctor Fr. Luke Dysinger, OSB (read about Fr. Luke here and here) to talk about the currently available COVID vaccines from the theological perspective of bioethics, particularly addressing the concept of “cooperation with evil“. They also examined the moral implications of certain non-COVID vaccines that have been developed from fetal stem cells, a practice they deconstruct during the show in accordance with Catholic teaching.

The show was sponsored by the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (ITEST) and can be accessed on the WCAT YouTube channel here.

The show was a prelude to an ITEST webinar to take place this Saturday, February 13: “Is It Moral to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine?” The webinar will address ethical concerns about the new COVID-19 vaccines with two guests. Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D., the Executive Director of St. Philip Institute in Tyler, Texas, and Melissa Moschella, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America and visiting scholar at the Heritage Foundation’s Simon Center for American Studies. Both have recently written on ethics and the new vaccines.

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